Friday, 27 September 2013

ऐसा भी होता है

फिर उसने भी एक आहट दी ,  हम ने भी बस यूँह पूछ लिया 
क्या तुमको भी वो रात याद आई, जब हम ने पहला smooch किया

हंस के वो बोला ,ओह वो रात ! उस रात की तो बात ही अलग थी 
जब दिए जलते थे, तारे टिमटिमाते थे, आसमान सॉफ नज़र आता था,
एक छोटी सी आहट भी शोर समझ पाता था

जल रही थी दो सफेद candles, मैने सोचा मौके का  फ़ायदा ही उठा लू  
आगे थी तुम तो मैने लेफ्ट से approach किया 

जा रहा था मुँह मेरा cake की तरफ , जब बीच मे फिर से आ गयी तुम 
अब मेरी तो स्टोरी की यही है सच्चाई 
अब बोलो की क्या सच मे तुमने smooch किया 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Guest Post by the lil one

Hello all

This is my first post today & I’m very excited to be writing .I’m only 6 months now but already feel quite old. My first & favorite shoes have started bidding me farewell. I wonder how unlike me they are growing smaller cause my mom keeps telling me that I’m getting bigger.

What do I like about them?? Oh! when I’m on my double bed I just lay flat on my back , try and bring my feet closer to my mouth and it’s a eureka moment when I can lick them .One of them tastes so that I sometimes even forget to cry for my milk . The other 2 aren't that good so I start kicking my feet for them to come off.  That’s when my mom rushes towards me and either starts putting them back or cribbing that I’m no good for those shoes.  Don’t you think it should be rather me yelling for one tasted so bad and the other which wouldn’t come anywhere near my mouth easily.

Anyhow I wonder where mom and her friends get these so called shoes from. What if they can’t find something that fits me, what if they decide not to bring those for me anymore. But again why should I worry or should I be?? Are there any more flavours available which I’m missing??The other day I saw these 2 toddler girls. They seem to be so mesmerized with Auntys shoes that they continuously kept wearing and changing and then wearing them. I just wondered how they could even walk in those long heels when I can’t still walk in my own heels.  But wait; if we walk in them then wouldn’t they get dirty? Mine doesnt because most of the time I’m in mommas lap.

I have though started to crawl a bit, but only on my double bed, otherwise still very uncomfortable.  How I wish that the entire world was just a double bed .Speaking of double bed im feeling sleepy again , its time to call my mom again.. Arhhhh… Arrrrrhhhhhh, arrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , ok there she is .. bye bye for now.. 

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Let’s do the Singam dance

What’s the best way to enjoy a monsoony day rather night in Kerala? It’s by watching some hard core commercial masala mix Tamil padam aka movie in a local single screen cinema. It’s not just the movie but the accompaniments that come along…  the loud claps , over the  top whistles, maddening crowd, lame comments ,ladies line for tickets and thus your new found privileges, fryums , kappa & banana chips served with some not so hot filter coffee.  

Looking forward to all the above thus we ventured 20 mins further south to watch Suryas Singam Part 2 in Shornur. The chaotic scenes outside the theatre upped my spirits as I was really looking forward to a houseful theatre which I have rarely seen in London. Going by the number of cars & bikes parked it was becoming evident that this masala flick had already become a massive hit with masses. Talk about taking pride in being a woman, this is one of the places where the guys literally go on their knees to get them the tickets from the humanly ladies line. You have to watch theatre opening scene from Superman of Malegaon to understand what I mean by humanly.  

The theatre surprisingly fared better than my expectations. The seats were torn but at least you could sit comfortably. Fans were working in all senses. Some providing the much required air and others further boosting my anxiety for the movie. The movie as well turned out to be a roller coaster ride. One moment it was an emotional mom trying to path father-son relation & the next cut you were doing the Singam dance. Unable to understand much of the dialogues I still could see the on screen fun translate to madness in the theatre though all it screamed was “please leave your brains at home, they are much needed there “

By half time though the  story seem to just  go round & round, the songs seem to be forcefully patched in , the villains confusing each other & actresses unable to decide why they decided to act in the movie. The movie had it all  - Love triangles, Girl-next-door-look  heroine & the  voluptuous one, Foreign villain and locations, villain pretending to be good socialite & bad villain picked from bollywood (whose Tamil must be just  worse than mine). We decided to alight and go home sweet home, but to dismay the car was stuck in the parking lot amongst the same vehicles whom I was excited to see 2 hrs back. With not many options we decided to return to the theatre. Once breathing normally fresh air outside I didn’t dare to go inside the theatre, however an experience you can get only in India I  watched rest of the movie from the Neelkamal plastic chair kept in balcony. Only one thing that gave me respite throughout the movie was Surya.So hail to thalpati again and if u can ,then do the Singam dance   

Friday, 21 June 2013

Just an Average

In academics life is more challenging for the people always in top 10 but not the top 3. Most appreciated by class teachers but not by principal cause he only gives away prizes to top 3. Why so, because you always are fighting to get into a rat race just to be in top 3 without even understanding why or why not that Top 3 matters. If you aren’t the super geek who is always on the lookout for a new invention then I believe that you were probably better off not trying to be in that top 10 as well but rather doing something more relevant or to your liking(*). You know it that you are probably just an Average .

What’s the problem in being average – its expectations? PARENTS expecting that now that child has managed this he/she will make it to some good engineering college which of course will convert to a good job. YOU expect that you will definitely now make it to IIT but end up compromising .And this vicious circle of expectation & compromises goes on & on until one day you realise that actually this expectation had always suppressed your wishes .It never let it run through your mind, rather they don’t let them wander anywhere close by as well. The Wish just remained as a hobby somewhere.

What I have observed is that once there is no expectation the child does stumble but eventually makes it big in the field of his choice. Not that I’m challenging the academics here but that is not everything. Coming from a not so rich country like India I agree that you need to have your secured sources of earning daily bread but I think we have grown so much today that at  least  the younger generation should be allowed or rather urged to take risks .

By now if you were thinking that I was criticising to be an average just take a moment & realise that it’s the averages that can take these risks, can try various things before finalising on what they actually want to do and even if they don’t end up doing what they like they die with feeling of satisfaction and of course they definitely end up earning the bread (sorry cakes) cause they have always known that they can.

*  – This is if you were doing something other important and not just gedi maaroing.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

I know !! only you can explain

Dear Indu,
Glad that you got time to read my letter. I hope you are done with your washing, cleaning, dusting, cooking and of course eating and what about the compulsory exercise. Did you skip it today as well? Did I not tell you that you are venturing into the territory of the brave and though I did doubt your bravery initially but looks like you are doing quite well .Uhmm!!Hold on, this is not yet an appreciation but yeah you can treat it as initial moral booster. Motherhood test has lots of rounds mind u.!!l

Before I again start ranting some words of wisdom for you :-)

Today something else urged me to write to you. Yeah I know I could have messaged you but I know you like it this way & anyways it’s about Mr X. How I bored you with his stories on that rotten narrow-enough-to-make-us-cosier hostel bed. Today lying on this mattress by my open window (unlike feat in London), cool breeze has thrown me back in time when Mr X was actually a reality & not just a mere thought. Even though I must have asked you a million times but really was it just me or all girls at that age are really so stupid to believe that a smart guy can fall for a chubby fatty girl, believe that the half an hour in the gym is reducing like at least half kg weight per day or that carrot stick in dinner is good enough to compensate the ice-cream you had post a 3 chapatti and 2 cups rice meal at lunch. My dilemma still remains the same today as I’m still an overweight (let me not quantify over)chubby girl. Only yes with better qualification & mostly a confident person in perspective of many when may be it’s just an image projection. Who knows! Not even me...  

Mr X gave me the confidence when he would pull a chair especially for me, courteously bring me a glass of drink or drop me back home post party just to probably take a walk with me .But again raised umpteen doubts, what if he is gentleman enough with all girls anyways, what if he was just sympathising with me for lack of any other gentleman in the group, what if the walk was just an excuse to leave the boring party early. These things have haunted me for long and I’m missing your consoling shoulder to explain me once again WHY I should not feel so..

Looking forward to a response from you soon.
Your best Friend 

Friday, 22 March 2013

My 3 Learnings – On my way to Happiness

Jina was the only child of her parents. As close to them as she was with her husband & her 5  year old kid. Her journey  from  being a kid herself to a wife & then to a mother  demanded at every step to be selfless. She knew at every step that she is letting things go which she always wanted the most.  But every step cajoled her that its after all for the betterment of herself & her family..

Today she was disappointed with her life. She wanted to do something different. Well, finally she got this opportunity .

Jina : You know they are  coming.

Sheila : Now who ? Please I don’t want you to get busy again entertaining other people.
Jina (interrupting) Weirdo …I am talking about my favourite band Guns and Roses .They are in London and guess what I managed a ticket from
Sheila : Kewl.. But how come the ever buzeee Jina has found the time to bloody  buy a ticket as well. How about your kid ? How about  your husband’s dinner ?
Jina… Well I have thought about  it all. I’ m gonna leave  Jinny  with Chowdhary Aunty ( that’s the only  benefit of being a house wife. You can make contacts (well, with your neighbouring Aunties) J and  Aamir says he is  off for a  party ( first  time when I don’t feel bad that he is out alone for a  so called bachelor party )

This was the  first  step in Jina’s life & my  first  learning ….that  yes we can really  manage things.. I.e. if we really wanted to.

The  gig was at O2 , one of my favourite theatres in  London. Sweet child o mine, paradise city. and to my surprise show was opened by none other than our very  own Indian  band Parikrama..oh I just  loved “ But it rained…” We both were  in full swing..I wanted her  to be the same enjoying-with-carefree-attitude Jina everyday as she was  today ..I could to see a similar future for myself & not the one which she had showed me till now & probably that was what was keeping me away from getting married till now. I wanted to do something for her. May be to make me see my  future even better.

Next day  itself we applied to all the job portals in London.. More than that, foremost made arrangements of Crèche for  jinny . Aamir of course was  quite understanding..  We 3 talked about  if a new job would need a house change ? What all Jina needed to brush on before she appears for the interview. Does she need to take any training for stress management.

That was the second learning for me,. In the process of  helping her I was helping myself as well. Wasn’t I !!! From dressing to managing people. From   organizing sessions to  take care of  5  year old kid ( at times :-))

1 month of effort and finally  it materialized to our luck very  much near the place where they currently stay . She was a  happy  girl .. And me ..Yes.. I too was ..After all I wasn’t any more afraid of marriages.. and the responsibilities  there after..

Jina helped me thoroughly for my  marriage preparations.. right from the dress I need to wear for my engagement, to every meeting I had with BF ( come  on  “Yes you look great “ is required for  that confidence) 

My third learning …. Not all efforts go waste.. Newton’s third rule definitely applies here as well. I myself found the happiness which I wanted to actually give her. 

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Teenage Hiccups- Part 1

1990's was the time when kids like us were trying to catch up on English music. The number of English songs you knew heightened your status in your own silly kid’s society.I will not lie & accept that I too have been a victim of such rat race. However given that we didn't have any internet in those days, no YouTube to explore  or incessant downloading techniques as available to today’s kids this information was solely  dependent on exchange of cassettes, exchange of lyrics , which  you  would  write down after listening to the song many many times on your headphones. Not that this was a fool proof solution as it still puts a little smile on my face when this friend noted the lyrics as “Beat my lover” instead of “Be my Lover-La Bouche":-).
Few other techniques my friends used
1) Buy a cassette, which you like, as gift  for someone’s birthday & then just  queue up shamelessly so that  you could record the same
2) Ask your friends to rather gift  you directly music cassettes
3) Make friends with a chick girl who has a queue of these rich brat boys ready to do anything for her including buying her songs as & when she would demand
4)  If you were lucky to have 1-2 of such  brats accepting your requests then make use of the same
5)  Keep rewriting your old Hindi cassettes or Moms Bhajan cassettes till they give up
Now that the job of knowing the songs was done the next was to flaunt it. What better than the numerous birthday parties that we had. Looking back I can’t  believe that the most crucial year of my academics was  spent attending at least one birthday  party every month ,added on by regular Saturday Tambola nights, New Years, Christmas. Glad that I passed that phase successfully without falling into a rut.
One of the earliest songs which caught my attention & still remains today one of my favourites is the The look song by  Roxette which I instantly caught my fancy when I heard it on the Lakme Advert featuring Aishwarya ( I still remember the Hindi lyrics of the same as well ) . The romantic ballads still give me the hiccups as they did years back. Today this hiccup started when I chanced upon it & hence the blog to let you guys as well have a taste of it. Enjoy the songs till I get back with some more such crazy memories.